Friday, September 16, 2011

6. personal interest (musica)

Recently I got over 2000 songs from my friend Charley. Right now at this moment im going through and have not even gone through 200 songs. The vast majority are techno bands such as Basshunter, Dubstep, and many various others. My favorites have been those performed by Dubstep, and some covers done by Asking Alexandria. My Itunes Library at this point is roughly 2750 songs... soon to be less hopefully. A few songs are very strange such as those songs performed by Avenue Q. And that's what is hapeening at this point in time. I looked into the band Basshunter since i was not fimilar with them and found out that they are actually quite popular, or in more accurate terms, "he" is very popular.

this site is a link to a list of songs that are on this music collection


  1. Make sure you are including pictures or links in your blogs Ian. Looks like it will take you a month or so to go through all those songs. Charlie must be a good friend to "share" his music collection with you.
    Mr. K

  2. Awhh, I used to think avenue Q was hilarious back in the day hahaha. Kinda nostalgic.
    I used to listen to dubstep too, not so much anymore but you should look up bassnectar.
    but 2000??
    I dont even...