Sunday, September 11, 2011

1. Untilited Mandala


Sam Francis, Untitled Mandala, 1975, Collection of Madison Museum of Contemporary Art. Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Frederic F. Renfert. 75.12.2 © 2005 Samuel L. Francis Foundation, California/Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York.

This artwork was done by Sam Francis. I personally like the way the artist used shape and color to make a unique inage. He uses a simple square then has splattreing of color around the squares and coming off them, making all the squares blend, and yet be seperate. The emphasis for this artwork for me was the white square in the middle, the squares lead the eye to that point. There's also a stark contrast between the gaps in the squares. The use of the elements and principles have been expertly put together to make a vrey unique good artowork.

-Ian Wilson

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  1. Pieces like these arent really my favorite, I guess Im not into abstract or simple shapes and colors.
    I guess works of art with a story or movement/life is what attracts me
    but I will say I love the use of warm colors here that blend in with the violet and black. and the splatter makes it look messy.