Tuesday, August 30, 2011

5. RIse Against


This article offered a much deeper view into the band's new album than I knew before. The new album "Endgame" was #1 un Germany, Canada, and many of the #1 U.S. billboard positoins. ... #2 overall. This has been the largest amount of recognition on any one album for them.

Also I found out that the band takes strong positions against bullying, homophobes, harming the envirorment, and of course government. A radical band, they have started have a massive fan base and continues to grow.


This Article is an interview with lead singer/gutarist Tim McIlarth. Extremely good views on government, fans, and beliefs of his own. I found it very insightful into the band and its members. This interview is over a year old though, but its validity still holds true though.

Monday, August 22, 2011

6. Corruption of the Church in the Middle Ages

The church, an institution that has little to do with actual Christianity. This institution was established roughly 1000A.D. by emperor Constantine when he made Christianity the official religion of Rome. The ideas of Christianity that Jesus preached have been misconstrued throughout the years. This has lead to false beliefs that rule the Roman Catholic church today. One example is during the dark ages when bibles were written only in Latin and the monks/priests were the only ones capable of reading them allowing for misinterpretation and corruption within the church. So the church, especially the Roman Catholic has lead people down the wrong path for thousands of years, through the inventions of indulgences (a way of buying your sin away) and other deviations. The pope has almost replaced the position of God. So in my opinion church is a place where believers gather together, not a building, or an institution, or a city (ex:Vatican City). The church is corrupt, rotten, and in need of reformation.

http://ezinearticles.com/?Corruption-of-the-Church-in-the-Middle-Ages&id=969734 (This link takes you to an article that backs up what I've been saying about corruption in the middle ages.


This is the trail of Martin Luther who tried to reform the Catholic Church but was excommunicated for his efforts.